subcuration and installation of a printing machine at kunstart12. Bolzano, IT 2012

In Collaboration with Viktor Matic, Cindy Strobach and Bartholomäus Traubeck.

project site: www.ersions.com

initiated by wupwup

www.ersions subcurates the kunstart 2012 by producing 12.000 reproductions of a few chosen works matching a daily meta-theme. The Din A4 format reproductions will be printed according to an automated schedule. The printing machine is the only agent at the venue, the curators only submit their selection to the machine in order to have it printed. Thus the curation is manifested by mere mass of reproduction and a lack of explanation thereof. It is an approach to shifting the recipients’s perspective on a product (the artwork) by bluntly creating an overwhelming presence of the image of that product. This contradicts the stigma of devaluation by reproduction introduced by Walter Benjamin. By producing reproductions we try to shift the people’s focus on the original, reinforcing its authority and authenticity rather than defacing it. This is our tool of manifesting our selection.