My work is based on a playful approach towards my perspective on current developments in my surroundings and culture. I try to constantly develop my skill of seeing/watching/observing my surroundings by picking something (an image, an idea) and placing it in an experimental environment.I look at a singular aspect from different or new angles, I take it apart, manipulate it and put it back together in my own, newly invented order. I observe how these elements interact with each other, how they interdepend. My newly generated order of things is my artistic expression.

The ambiguous relation between scientific and artistic research thus becomes my approach to developing a piece of art. With this strategy, I can create diffuse spaces, which are central to my artwork. Through the dissolution of common limits of perception, spaces and media their basic characteristics may be shifted. So I can create a sort of tabula rasa, in which it is possible to create new cognitive approaches by only setting minimal impulses.