orte der zeit

installation of 3 paper triptychs and a video loop. Paliano, IT 2011

In Collaboration with Bartholomäus Traubeck.

Sheets of Paper dusted with carbon powder are fixed onto wood panels and positioned in the lanscape for a fixed amount of time. They were exposted to external circumstances for a day/night-cycle each. We found the inspiration for this in the special landscape of Lazio, Italy. This very characteristic looking region had been idealized by the "Deutschrömer" painting movement. In the course of time the area became symbolical for romantic landscape paintings charged with pathos. To evade this picture language is hardly possible in the surroundings of the Cervinara artist studios we stayed at. So we confronted ouselves with the task to figuratively capture the landscape around us, without using the pathos-charged picture language mentioned above. We decided on using a simple generative process that would transform a certain moment in time at a certain location into an image. We documented fragments of this process on video.