microsculptures • tiananmen

microperformance and videoinstallation [work in progress], Beijing 2010

Between june 3rd and 5th 1989 student demonstrations on the Tiananmen Square in Beijing were bloodily ended by chinese military. The chiese government forbids remembrance ceremonies and closed the square for tv_crews and journalists on the 20th anniversary of the massacre in 2009. The happening that microsculptures • tiananmen is based on took place on the 21st anniversary of the massacre directly on Tiananmen Square. The challenge was to build up, orchestrate, and ifilm a small scenery with plastic toy soldiers surrounded by civil police and military patrols. microsculptures • tiananmen stands opposed to the chinese affinity towards and mass phenomenon of monumentality and meterial fetishism. The visitor not only becomes aware of them through contemporry architectural and urban planning projects, but is very apparent in many of Beijings galleries. microsculptures places little site-specific intervetions to comment and react to historical or political facts of the space.

preview trailer: