farbton II

performative installation of a swing, video image and a sound system. Bolzano, IT and Hallein, AT 2011

Sitting on the farb_ton live swing, you hear the sound of your own moving image. By swinging, the camera that is connected to the swing records the colors that are moving by, and then transforms the image into sound. farb_ton live is based on an archaic low-tech approach. The transmission from moving image to sound happens without any computational help. The installation is working on a technical audiovisual basis: the image output is directly connected to a sound system, and so the image data is interpreted as sound waves. The noise that evolves is influenced by various aspects of the picture: tone and saturation of color, brightness and contrast of the image, and mainly movement within the video. Thus the light and motion values are influencing the sound, the intensity of the images is directly related to the intensity of the tones. The background of this work is the attempt to force the medium video itself to a performative action.

photos 1 and 3 by Ivan Poletti