25 excuses for sending this box instead of an artwork

interactive sound sculpture, swab Art Fair Barcelona 2013.

some examples of the audible excuses for the listener: 2. We wanted to make a translucent cube coated in diamond-dust. The material was too expensive. 4. The piece we initially worked on did not live up to our high standards.It was so incredibly appalling, we immediately tore it apart and then burnt it so nobody could ever criticize it. 9. Our planned work was made out of very cheap plastic. We did not know if it would fetch a high enough price. 10. We wanted to send in a work, but in the grand scope of things, you know mountains and moons, trees, suns and galaxies, does it actually matter? 11. The work we wanted to send in was two millimeters too short. 13. We did a ritual to summon our work. It failed. The chicken was not a virgin.